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Latest news

Alzheimer’s disease risk can be moderated, a new study finds

Researchers identify 21 modifiable risk factors for reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The APOE gene is one...
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The COVID-19 susceptibility DNA test from Genovate

New COVID-19 cases continue to emerge worldwide, making it clear that this pandemic is far from over. Genovate is...

Study finds a link between the severity of COVID-19 infections and blood type

Researchers link genetic changes in the region of DNA that define blood type with susceptibility to COVID-19 infections. Blood...

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How to lose weight fast

Losing weight can be challenging. What’s more, a workout...

Was the Skull of Petrarch Swapped at Some Point in History?

Francesco Petrarca was a famous Italian poet and scholar...
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Healthy aging using the power of DNA

Researchers publish a reference DNA database for healthy older...

The APOE e4 Allele Increases Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Going, going, gone! There goes your memory and that’s...