The patron saint of artists, physicians, surgeons, students and butchers and one of the four Evangelists. Author of the third gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. Died around AD. 150 at the age of 84 years. His feast day is October 18th. mtDNA HVR1 data derived from DNA testing of his remains.
HRH Alexander is the son of Princess Anna of Saxony and maternal descendant of Maria Theresa, Holy Roman Empress. His mtDNA profile was determined from a buccal sample during an analysis of the Dark Countess, Sophia Botta – rumored to be Princess Marie Thérèse, maternal granddaughter of Maria Theresa, Holy Roman Empress. This genetic analysis proved that Sophia Botta...
A mitochondrial DNA type identified in skeletal remains from the Yakut population. The mtDNA profile was determined by genetic analysis of bone samples from the remains.
The mtDNA profile of the Georgian Queen Ketevan is known and available for comparison to individuals who are curious whether they may have descended from the same lineage. The story below outlines how the mtDNA profile of the Georgian Queen Ketevan was discovered. Queen Ketevan DNA Queen Ketevan was a queen of Kakheti in eastern Georgia. In 1614, she became a...
King of England from 1483 until his death in 1485. Last English King to die in battle during the Battle of Bosworth Field. Last King from the House of York and last king of the Plantagenet dynasty. Son of Richard of York (3rd Duke of York) and Cecily Neville (Duchess of York). Siblings include Anne of York (Duchess of Exeter) and King...

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