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DNA Ancestry Project was the most impressive out of all ancestry tests we have tried out at DNA in the News. They offer the only ancestry test performed by a clinical laboratory that specializes in DNA testing. DNA Ancestry Project is the only company that offers testing for all four of the markers types that are relevant for finding ancestry information. They also offer over 100 different ancestry web tools. What’s more, you receive free lifetime membership, so you can access all future ancestry features that will be added as new discoveries are made in the rapidly advancing field of genetic genealogy.

The test includes fast mutating STR markers, which are over 1000X more discriminating than SNP markers used in standard SNP chips. This is why DNA Ancestry Project is able to discriminate relationships down to the last few generations, while other tests can only tell whether individuals are from the same “haplogroup” (meaning you are both from the same general region of the world such as European). You are able to pinpoint precise relationships along your maternal and paternal family lines . What’s more, they have the technology to confirm your matches when they are found. DNA Ancestry Project does this by analyzing the same markers used in forensic DNA investigations, to provide >99.9999% accuracy for paternity inclusions and 100% for paternity exclusions.

As a CLIA-certified and CAP participating laboratory, the testing laboratory of the DNA Ancestry Project maintains the most advanced and up-to-date technologies to provide you with the latest and the greatest DNA testing can offer. Finally but most importantly, you have full control over your genetic information. DNA Ancestry Project guarantees that it only performs “targeted” DNA testing. That means that they test only what is important for determining your ancestry. They also do not collect your DNA data and sell it.

Company Background:

DNA Ancestry Project was founded by PhD scientists who are experts in the fields of genetics, genomics and genetic engineering. Their state-of-the-art DNA testing lab provides the most comprehensive and reliable genetic services in most countries across the world.

Their mission is to provide consumers with the latest and most advanced DNA testing technologies available to ensure that the highest level of accuracy is attained and provide rapid turnaround. DNA Ancestry Project uses easy mouth swab sample collection, has full forensic sample testing capabilities, 100% confidentiality, secure online status checking and online projects.

With their in-depth ancestry reports that are validated by PhD level scientists, and commitment to developing the most advanced and extensively validated DNA tests in the field, DNA Ancestry Project ancestry tests definitely provide quality and features that won't disappoint.

Their Services:

How it works

Here we give you a sneak peak of some of the amazing features that are included in their ancestry report.

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• What types of DNA tests are there?
• What can I find out with a DNA test?
• What are your choices for ancestry testing?
• How does this test work?
• How much does it cost?

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Our Top Choice

• Accredited laboratory
• Professional level markers
• Widest range of DNA marker types
• Expansive laboratory capabilities
• Largest collection of DNA Ancestry tools
• Free lifetime membership and updates

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Mitochondrial DNA sequencing

Y-DNA STR fragment analysis

Autosomal STR fragment analysis

Advanced ethnic origins report

Recent ancestry analysis

Ancient ancestry analysis

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