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Why get tested for alcohol intolerance?

Whether it is going for beers with co-workers or drinking champaign at a holiday party, most of us engage in social drinking. We usually feel more relaxed after a drink, because alcohol affects our mood by boosting dopamine levels. But, there are some people who feel uncomfortable or experience severe hangovers from just one beer or a single glass of wine.

Are you someone who experiences nausea, dizziness, headaches or alcohol flush when you partake in alcohol? It is possible that you have alcohol intolerance and your body is not able to properly breakdown alcohol.

Studies show alcohol intolerance is inherited. Did you know that people who experience alcohol flush increase their risk of esophageal cancer by 10- to 90-fold when they make the decision to participate in social drinking?

Do you want to know if you should avoid alcohol?

Symptoms of alcohol intolerance vary from person to person depending on the DNA changes (or genetic variants) they carry. People with two ‘defective’ copies of these genes experience more severe symptoms, compared to someone with only one ‘defective’ copy.

But, because the symptoms are not severe enough to stop them from drinking, these people putting themselves at higher risk of alcohol-related complications including an increased risk of cancer and heart disease every time they drink.

An alcohol intolerance DNA test can tell you conclusively if you should consider giving up social drinking. If you test positive for genetic variants in the ALDH and ADH1B genes, it means that you may be risking your health when you consume alcohol.

Some of the things you can find out from alcohol intolerance DNA testing include:

1. Your ALDH and ADH1B genotypes
2. Your risk of oesophageal cancer if you continue to consume alcohol
  • 10X increased risk for moderate drinkers
  • 90X increased risk for heavy drinkers
    3. People with at least one of these DNA changes also increase their risk of heart disease when they consume alcohol

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  • Alcohol Intolerance DNA test


    The Alcohol Intolerance DNA test offered by Genetrace is a comprehensive clinical quality test employing targeted SNP analysis to conclusively determine whether you inherited the genetic variants associated with alcohol intolerance. The test will also tell you the health risks associated with continuing to consume alcohol if you test positive. It is performed by a simple cheek swab and can be conducted on individuals at any age. It is performed by a simple cheek swab and can be conducted on individuals at any age.

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