Kublai Khan

Fifth Khagan of the Mongol Empire, reigning from 1260 to 1294. Established the Yuan dynasty and became Emperor of China in 1271.

Kublai Khan is the fourth son of Tolui and a grandson of Genghis Khan. He succeeded his older brother (Möngke) in 1260 and then had to defeat his younger brother (Ariq Böke) in the Toluid Civil War, marking the beginning of disunity in the huge Mongol Empire.

DNA studies showed that a specific Y-DNA STR marker haplotype is found in 8% of the men in the regions conquered by Genghis Khan and his descendants during their rule (spanning from the Pacific to the Caspian sea). This interesting Y-DNA STR marker haplotype can be traced back to origins in Mongolia approximately 1000 years ago, suggesting that it is carried by male line descendants of Genghis Khan, including Kublai Khan.