Ezekiel “Zeke” Harper

Captain Ezekiel “Zeke” Harper was a Confederate guerrilla scout during the American Civil War. Zeke and his brother, Bill, became two of the most famed scouts during the war, helping in many escapes, ambushes and destructive activities.

Zeke Harper was the tenth child of Adam Harper and Margaret Wamsley Harper. He was born in Tucker Country in West Virginia in 1823. After the Civil War, it was rumored that he fathered an illegitimate son with his Native American maid.

DNA testing of his skeletal remains exhumed from the Harper family cemetery determined his Y-DNA STR profile. This Y-DNA profile was identical to the profile obtained from two paternal descendants of Zeke’s alleged son, Earl J Maxwell.

(Photo of Captain Ezekiel courtesy of Maxwell family www.researchgate.net)